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Heat Pillar


Heat Tower   /   Heat Pillar 

  • 750watt 2 tubes 

  • Operate 1/2 tubes

  • Radiates heat and warms

  • Rotates and warms rooms and big halls in chilly weather

  • 250 W Powerful Motor for keeping machine cool .

    Best suitable for hilly or cold areas !

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Electric Chopper


Electric Chopper

  • Ezee chop and beat

  • 250 W Powerful Motor

  • Beats coffee , eggs and any extract

  • Ideal for  mashing wet masala (spices)

  • Chop vegtables for paronthas

  • Makes  chatni

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Power Saver


This power saver adopts the latest  and high efficient techniques of germany. Power Savers is what you call Synchronous condensers. Most motor loads in our house are Inductive loads, like pumps, fans, mixers etc. Even Air Conditioners and Refrigerators are inductive loads. The power factor of Inductive loads is lagging and synchronous condensers supply a reactive power factor and help nullify the effect.

So We See in Theory Synchronous Condensers do Save Power: -

  • Power Saver Uses State Of The Art Electrical Technology To Actively Monitor And Improve The Power Factor Of Your Household Appliances
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