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Nazar Raksha Yantra

Nazar Raksha Yantra/ Crystal Ball Mangal Yantra


Now a day’s people are much concerned about their professional and personal life. So they are opting many ways to enhance them. One of them is ‘VAASTU’ for which either one have to reconstruct their place or have to migrate. This in turn leads to loss of money, time and other aspect and also is beyond reach of an ordinary individual.

Those who cannot be the part of everyday spiritual doings, can change every aspect of their life by a simple and single way.

With the divine blessings from “HANUMANJI”, this crystal ball Mangal Yantra is specially designed to provide a whole-sole solution to all your problems. From Vaastu defects, financial problems, accident, evil’s eye and hurdles in growth of career.


Nazar Raksha/ Mangal Yantra can be placed in your home, office and working areas, and shops. It is to be hang on Tuesday , on the entrance door in such a way that everyone should pass under this Yantra.

The positive energy emitted by the crystal ball heals your problem aspect. Get miraculous results from the Nazar Raksha/ Crystal ball yantra and lead a happy life. For maximum benefit, empower your spiritual and materialistic wealth with Nazar Raksha/Mangal Yantra.



  • Nazar Raksha/Crystal Ball Mangal Yantra helps to overcome the difficulties and one succeeds in all his efforts to gain desires and lead a comfortable life.
  • The Nazar Raksha/Crystal Ball Mangal Yantra not only helps to cure all inherent Vaastu faults and remove their ill-effects, but also generates the positive & benefic effects of Vaastu.
  • When Mars is malefic or one is of rash temperament, Nazar Raksha/Crystal Ball Mangal yantra is very useful, it removes the evil effects of Mars like injury, accident etc.
  • Those who are suffering from high blood pressure and to enhance physical and mental strength, brother-sister relations, courage, power etc.
  • The ladies or gents who are deprived off the marriage or married life is full of miseries and difficulties, threatened separation or divorce. Also Nazar Raksha/Crystal Ball Mangal yantra /Mars Yantra works remarkably in case of abortions, denial of children.
  • One remains in debt and is not capable to repay inspite of honest intentions rather debt increases making the life hell, all these difficulties can be spiritually overcomed by placing Nazar Raksha/Crystal Ball Mangal yantra.




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