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About Biomagnetic Bracelets


Biomagnetic Bracelets rejuvenate your body and mind with our bio-comaptible range of Biomagnetic Bracelets which form 3,000 gauss power up to 25,000 gauss power for effective relief of pain in arms, hands and elbows. Light in weight, our stylishly crafted pure grade Bio-Magnetic Titanium Bracelets are highly resistant to corrosion and has perfect stability. Moreover, all our bracelets are not susceptible to rust or tarnish and retain their natural color in all temperature conditions.

How Magnetic Therapy Works


4% of the blood that flows through the body is made of Iron. As iron is attracted to magnets, when magnetic objects are placed on a specific area of the body this attracts the blood flow to that area, Thus increases oxygen and nutrients to the area and the muscles, as they are also getting increased blow flow, tend to lengthen and become more relaxed.

In certain treatment, small magnets are attached to the acupuncture points of the body by means of adhesive tape. The polarized magnets act in a pulsating manner much like that of manipulating acupuncture needles, with the exception that there is no insertion of needles into the body and no pain associated with this therapy.

Scientific Explanation


Scientists are in agreement with the effectiveness of biomagnetic therapy, they insist that it should not be used as the only form of medical treatment and that it is effective for only some medical conditions. The declaration made about the healing properties of magnets for inflammation is correct, but the claims about the polarity of cells in the body are incorrect. The research has proved that electricity and magnetism, while independent of each other, are connected and can bring about relief to pain in the body.