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Sensual Massage Oil

An Aromatic sensual massage oil that not only 'awakens' the senses but also refreshes the mind & body. Specially formulated with Sesame oil & exquisite blend of essential oils of Ylang Ylang, the Lavender Ylang-Ylang Massage Oil provide total relaxation while stimulating the senses of any man or woman to explore the inner self.

• Sensual Massage Oil relaxes mind, body & soul. Reduces anxiety & skin problems, eases depressions & strengthens immune system.
• Exotic, sensual; Ylang Ylang oil assists in overcoming sexual difficulties. Perfect for sensual massage with your partner.
• Reduces stress, prevents dryness of skin, improves blood circulation & tones the body.
• Blended with all natural essential oils like Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Rosemary Oil & Wheat Germ Oil which are easily absorbed & nourishing for the skin.
• Regular use of Lavender Ylang Ylang Sensual Massage Oil leads to a beautiful & glowing skin.

Apply to the skin & massage into the muscles thoroughly. Can also be used as a massage or bath oil or as an after-bath/after-shave moisturizer that softens & relaxes.

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