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Shani raksha kavach

We are offering Shani raksha kavach(original) :

- Free: Nazar pendent, Hanuman Kavach, Shiv Shakti Kavach.

- Shani raksha kavach is embedded with a black onyx stone which is known for its properties of removing malefic effects of Saturn. This kavach contains a hidden energy which is symbolized by the horse shoe. Horse shoe with embedded Shani yantra protects you from the adverse spells of Saturn. Gun metal wards off adverse Saturn spells surrounding you. Graphicology, the science of symbols propounds that horse shoe shape helps you to retain Will Power and to enable you to perform without much suffering, frustration and achieve success without losing spiritual purity. Indian spiritual science states Shani Yantra re-converts adverse Saturn spells into auspicious influences. This pendant is energized by performing specific rituals like yogic meditation, Reiki and Pranic healing to bestow auspicious results.
* Benefits :
- To remove obstacles from your way.
- To remove the malefic effects of Saturn.
- To attain success in your business.
- To destroy the effect of BLACK MAGIC.
- To increase your chances in the LOTTERY & BETS.
- To remove the FAMILY DISCORDS and improve health.
- To remove health and Money problems.
- To help you in win, the COURT CASE and defeat your enemies.

* Beej Mantra :
- Om Preeang Preeng Prong Sa Shange Namah.

- Pran Pratishta (Energization) And Puja of Yantra :

- Since Shani Raksha Kavach is a man-made object, it requires energization to infuse potency and power to benefit the owner. Before sending the Kavach, we get Pran Pratishtha done by learned Purohits (Priests) without any extra charges. This is done by reciting Mantras as prescribed by Vedas.

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