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shani rakshak kawach

Lord shani is considered as living god of this age i. E. Kaliyuga. It is said that sri lord shani is among the few deities who can be worshipped and pleased easily. Shani is worshipped daily almost by hindu devotees. Saturday is the day of lord shani. It is to say that do puja on this day lord shani keeps away from all worries & problems. For keeping happy to the lord shani deva and bring happiness in your family we bring for you the shani raksha kawach. This kawach is energized by performing specific rituals like yogic meditation, reiki and panics healing to bestow auspicious results.

It gives charms and confidence to the wearer and removes all the hurdles and dosha of shani sare sati, worries & problems like black magic, ghost, negative vibes, psychical attacks, enemy problem, and family problems.  

Shani raksha kawach can be keep in your pocket, worship place or can be wear in neck. Its cost is rs. 2090/- only

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