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"The trial pack is a really good idea as you get to sample everything. All the products were amazing and I would have bought them all if I didn't have my holiday to pay for" - Asif Khan

"The Alovera Facewash is excellent. It left my skin smooth and well moisturised and protected me from the sun very well - I have a lot of eczema trouble with my skin and also a lot of allergies to ingredients in a lot of beauty products. I've been very pleased with this!" - Suman

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for bringing out an amazing product such as alkaline ion water whereby I drink it like the daily recommended intake of 6 to 8 glasses of water and I feel the benefit. What is more amazing is that it cost no more than the usual cost of bottled water that I usually buy when I am out and about. I had gout and have the nagging pain and a friend of mine told me about your water and when I flew in (I work as a crew in one of the Asian airlines) I bought a 600ml bottle of concentrate and diluted it to try it and I was at first disappointed that my nagging pain was still there after I finished the bottle." - Peter

"SLIM WATER has cured my morning fatigue and facial dryness. Every morning immediately after getting up I used to feel very tired and drained. I tried all sorts of health nutrients but nothing was of much help. Then I read about the benefits of alkaline water and its proven results.
I bought this product 7 months ago and today I think that is it one of the most sensible investments I have ever made. Now I not only feel fresh and energetic in the morning but I am able to remain active the whole day. My water consumption has increased many folds and this I truly believe has affected my concentration level.
I will highly recommend this product to anyone whether as a cure to any disease or as prevention for future illness." - Mehar Garg

"After getting almost same product offerings by all MLM companies, we were looking for something different and useful products. The Devik Trader offered us with such different ranges of quality products with great margin offerings and they are in high demand too." - Rainbow Multilevel Trademart Pvt. Ltd